Thursday, June 30, 2011

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I've had some discussions with relatives lately regarding my seeing conspiracies; I replied, that we all see the same dots, that not all the dots are numbered and how we connect them to complete the picture depends upon our life experiences. My life experiences are defined by my career as a fire fighter and the single question of trust I apply to people.  If I were in a burning building and it started to collapse around me can I trust that person, or persons, on the outside,to do their damnedest to get into the building and and try and get me out. Sadly, most politicians that I see today don't measure up to this standard, they are only in it for themselves and whatever fame and glory that they think they will receive..I wouldn't trust most politicians to walk my dog.

So, Friends, Relatives, Countrymen; lend me your long floppy ears, until I complete my Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory (GUCT) I will continue to post little bits that pique my interest and fit into the overall jig saw puzzle (with just a tiny bit of trimming).