Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nationalizing the 2010 Elections

I just recently made on observation, and I'd like to share with you all (well I don't know how many of you all are here, it doesn't look like too many people read this).  In 1994 Newt Gingrich took back the house for the Republicans by nationalizing the election with his "Contract with America".  Democrats at the time joked that it was a "Contract ON America".

In the up coming special election in Massachusetts for the vacant Senate seat, one finds people from all over the country sending in donations to Republican Scott Brown's campaign.  They have realized the the Obama Administration's and the Democrat controlled congress'  liberal agenda is the REAL Contract on America!!

The 2010 election, and I believe the 2012 election also, are being nationalized at a grass roots level by local Conservatives, by the "Ordinary Barbarians" here in "Fly Over Country" and the Progressive/Liberal/Left Wing/Commie-Pinko/Democrats have NO ONE to blame but themselves. We WILL take out country back!!!

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