Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to blogging again

Well, wasn't this presidential election more fun the we've had back in 2008? We conservative HAVE to build a bigger and better alternative media...we have to be able to counter the lies, the hypocrisy and the fifth column activities that the current "Waste Stream Media"  or "Ministry of Truth" provides to the Democrat/Socialist/Progressive party that is represented by an ass.

I was micro-blogging on Facebook...but since election night I have been vilified by friends and relatives and  un-friended  by some.  No loss!  I think the big thing was when I compared Liberals/Progressives in general to Muslim extremists; I made comments and they took offense to them....I guess I'm not supposed to post anything that they might find offensive. Do you think the Libs are taking lessons from the Muslims or vice versa?  I think I'm going to find some cartoons that are very offensive to liberals, post them here and line to them and see if I can provoke a reaction to them...Maybe they will riot in front of my house bearing signs calling out for my beheading..I really think we need to push them..HARD!!

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