Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Electoral College

I've been hearing (reading on the blogs and in the news) that the electoral college needs to be replaced; maybe. but it doesn't need to go to a direct popular vote because as Jawa Report put it..it would become a vote of urban vs rural....all a candidate has to do is to appeal to the population centers of the country and he's elected.  NO, what the problem is, is the assignment of electors to the vote for the president.  The cry we've always heard is one man...one vote (how well does that work out for you with voter fraud?)  Here's my idea...One state, One vote...the candidate running for president must win the majority of votes in each of  26 states (a simple majority of the states plus one) to be elected. The size, the population of the state doesn't matter....candidates must campaign in each and every state to secure that state's approval...the people will also feel that their vote counts and be more apt to get out and vote on election day.

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