Friday, November 9, 2012

Libs are libs..maybe, maybe not

Your liberal friends aren’t as liberal as they think they are. Most--not all--actually share what you believe about freedom, responsibility, and limited government. They just will not bring themselves to acknowledge their values openly, or vote for them. But they put those same conservative values into practice every day, whether they admit it or not.

I don't know about this one, Joel Pollack hasn't met my friends and some relatives.

  It is well past time for conservatives--especially those of us in blue states and cities--to start professing the founding values, to “get in their faces,” as Obama said, and make the political personal. It’s the only way back.

The thing I noticed; as I said before I was posting on Facebook, our progressive friends and relatives contacted my wife and tried to start arguments between us...

People have said we need a new Reagan yes we do, but we also need a new William F. Buckley Jr. to  pin back the ears of the progies.


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